Jen Durrant

I’m Jen Durrant…aka, Payton’s mom. I live in Lehi, Utah with my three children, Mckenzie (15), Payton (12), and Addy Mae (7).

I have been involved in karting since 2008. My son, Payton, wanted a motorcycle and I said absolutely not – four wheels on the ground! We started out racing at Miller Motorsports Park (MMP) in Tooele, Utah in the Kid Kart class. Our first national event was at MMP when the Grand Nationals was held there in 2011. After that point, we were hooked on it for good.

I have always loved helping people since I can remember. In 2009, I organized the school food drive for Payton’s elementary school. I thought of this as a great way to show the kids how much fun it can be to help others and little effort it really does require. Since that point, I have always dreamed of doing something on my own where I could plan fun events and help people at the same time. With the racing schedule and home life always taking over, I came to the conclusion that forming Karting Community United was what I needed to do.

On the track, we are competitors…off the track, one big family. This seemed like the best opportunity to make my dream happen while also doing what we were already doing together as a family unit.

Being joined by the rest of the members of the Board is truly an honor. They have the experience and knowhow of karting along with the reputations that speak for themselves. I have a feeling that we will be able to do some wonderful things once we are up and going with the help of many great karting “family” members.